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Children, Youth & Teen Programming: 2023 Workshops, Internships & Book Clubs

Celebrating 31 Years


The In-Person Workshops take place at Bright Hill Literary Center’s Education Wing, 94 Church Street, Treadwell, NY. Space is limited, so early registration is advised (spring registration begins January 27 with a final deadline of February 13.

All of the Bertha Rogers-led Bright Hill Literary Workshops for Kids include writing and visual arts and in-corporate science and math for projects; we believe in STEAM.


Bright Hill will provide morning and afternoon snacks, but kids should bring their own bag lunches. CHILDREN ages 6 - 18 (K-12).

The fee for each five-day literary workshop is valued at between $350 and $600, but Bright Hill charges tri-county youth $170 and out-of-area students $250.

Full and partial scholarships are available to permanent residents of Delaware and Otsego Counties (Delaware Academy/Delhi Central School students receive full scholarships provided by the Abraham Kellogg Education Fund). Registration is limited to 16 students.

To register, fill out registration form below, email to, and purchase ticket on our website.

Or mail registration form to Bright Hill Press at 94 Church St, Treadwell, NY 13846 with payment included.



Taught by Bertha Rogers


“PREHISTORIC CREATURES OF THE CATSKILLS: (Taught by Bertha Rogers) - Ages 6 -14: 9 am - 2:30 pm, 5 days – We’ll learn about Eurypterus, Coelophysis, American Mastodon, Giant Beaver, Giant Short-faced Bear, and others and how they lived.

We’ll construct our own versions of them in the form of papier mache and in dioramas; and we’ll write poems and riddles and stories about them. On the last day we will read our writings and present an exhibit of our projects for parents and friends. The cost is $250 for out-of-area students and $160 for regional students (cost includes includes morning & afternoon snacks (students bring their own lunch).

Registration is limited to 22 students.(Delaware Academy students receive, full scholarships; full and partial scholarships are available for Delaware and Otsego County students).

Bertha Rogers co-founded with Ernest M. Fishman Bright Hill Press & Literary Center in 1992 and the Bright Hill Literary Workshops for Kids Program in 1993. A Master Teaching Artist, Rogers has presented programs in schools, libraries, and community venues since 1975, including NYC’s Teachers & Writers Collaborative and the Catskills DCMO and ONC BOCES Arts in Education Program.

Rogers has served as judge for local, regional, and NY state NEA Poetry Out Loud Contests and is a member of the selection committee for the NY Writers Hall of Fame.

Each BH Literary Workshop for Kids program includes 5 intensive days that begin at 9 am and end at 2:30 pm; after lunch on the last day, the kids present their poems and/or riddles in the Bright Hill Library to an audience of family and friends, after which they exhibit their completed projects in the Education Wing.

During each day’s session, the big kids and interns work with the younger kids as they write their poems, riddles, stories, and essays, and as they complete their visual works: artist books, papier mache sculptures, and performance pieces.

Rogers, a poet and visual artist, has been awarded residency fellowships to artist colonies, among them MacDowell, Millay, Saltonstall, and Hawthornden Intl'l Writing Retreat in Scotland. Her visual works have been shown in hundreds of juried and solo exhibits throughout the US and Europe and are collected in the Harry Ransom Archive at the University of Texas. Rogers's poems appear in journals and anthologies and the collections Wild, Again (Salmon, 2019); Heart Turned Back (Salmon, 2010); Even the Hemlock (Six Swans, 2005); The Fourth Beast (Snark, 2004); A House of Corners (Three Conditions, 2000); Sleeper, You Wake (Mellen, 1991); and What Want Brings: New & Selected Poems (Salmon, 2022). Her translation of Beowulf, the Anglo-Saxon epic, was published in 2000 (Birch Brook); her translation of the riddle-poems from the Anglo-Saxon Exeter Book, Uncommon Creatures, was published in 2019 (Six Swans).

This workshop runs Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 2:30 PM

To register, fill out registration form below, email to, and purchase ticket on our website.

Or mail registration form to Bright Hill Press at 94 Church St, Treadwell, NY 13846 with payment included.

Workshop Instructor Bertha Rogers