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The New York Literary Map

The NYSCA Literary Map of New York State and the NYSCA Literary Tree were developed by the New York State Council on the Arts, Richard J. Schwartz, Chairman; and Al Berr, Jack Lindahl, and Debby Silverfine, Deputy Directors. Bright Hill Press, in partnership with Kathleen Masterson, Director of the Literature Program at NYSCA, developed the Map and Tree, which were created to offer writers, educators, students, and the general public both a historical perspective and a useful resource about authors and literature in New York State. The NYS LitMap constantly evolves as new information is added. The print version was distributed to organizations, libraries, schools, and colleges by BHP.

     The site was designed and is maintained by Loss Pequeno Glazier, webmaster, who is also director of the Electronic Poetry Center, SUNY Buffalo / Evolving changes are completed by Bertha Rogers, Project Director; Lawrence Shaw, Littree Assistant; and Bright Hill Interns.

About NYS Littree

NYS LitTree was created to serve:

NYSCA-funded organizations with literary programs, their curators, and the poets and writers they present.

Bright Hill was commissioned by:

the New York State Council on the Arts to develop and maintain this rich site.

The site offers in-depth information about:

the organizations and their curators as well as detailed schedules, thereby serving as a learning center and clearing house for those involved in literature-based presentation.

The new +Add Events+ calendar:

was added Marc Funaro of Advantex, Inc.

Soon Littree will add:

a State Planning Calendar for Festivals, Fund-raising Events, and other Major Events.

planners will be able to:

avoid date conflicts for these functions that are so important in the lives of organizations.

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Listings and Special Events

NYS Events (Literary events taking place in New York State)

NYC Events (Literary events taking place in New York City)

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NYS Organizations (New York State literary organizations)

NYC Organizations (New York City literary organizations)

NYSCA Lit Curators (Curators for programs funded by NYSCA)

NY Circuit Writers (Writers available for touring their books throughout New York State)

Interstate Writers (Writers from out-of-state who are available for touring in NYS)

Nat’l Events (National ongoing literary events, i.e., workshops, conferences, etc.)

Tech Assistance (Help from the literary field)


Archive (The 1999 Latino Writers Roundtable Transcription; Poets and Writers Respond to 9/11)

Links (Other literary web sites and sites of interest to writers, publishers, and presenters)

About the Lit Maps (Scroll down for more information on the LitMaps)

NYS Lit Map (New York State Literary Map)

NYC Lit Map (New York City Literary Map)

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Literary Organizations

Work on the map began in 1999, as a response to the NYSCA Cultural Tourism Initiative, and as an adjunct to the LitTree.


Kathleen Masterson, Director of the Literature Program, initiated the project and oversaw its funding and direction. Connie Lovatt began the process of collecting and consolidating information from librarians, literary organizations, and writers, and contracted with the artists and designers. Bertha Rogers, Founding Executive Director of Bright Hill Press, served as Program Director, working with scholars and researchers and supervising all personnel. Bright Hill Press personnel maintained the continually developing Map. Brook Meinhardt was the artist, painting both State and City maps and portraits of selected, representative writers. Jean Lee of Ed Lee Associates created the Internet and print map design.
Many others were instrumental in bringing this project to life. Among them were NYSCA Literature Advisory Panel Members: writer and editor Malaika Adero; poet and Director of Poets House, Lee Ellen Briccetti; writer, editor (Greenfield Review Press),and educator Joseph Bruchac; writer Fay Chiang; poet and educator Eric Gansworth; poet and Founding Director of the Bowery Poetry Club, Bob Holman; Coordinator, Poetry in the Branches for Poets House, Marsha Howard; writer, educator, and editor Maurice Kenny; writer William Kramer; poet and editor (Home Planet News) Donald Lev; editor Martin Mitchell; writer and Director of the Writers Studio, Frazier Russell; NYSCA Program Associate Christine Leahy; NYSCA intern Gretchen Kail; Bright Hill Press intern/researchers Jesse Hilson, Christopher Roberts,and Jessica Fee; project researchers Ed Baluyut and Steve Pilgrim; and Bright Hill Press LitTree Program Associate Lawrence Shaw. Other advisors were NYS Historical Association Director of the Research Library Wayne Wright; State Education Department of SUNY Albany Government Records Services provider Warren F. Broderick; Hofstra University’s Long Island Studies Institute Director Natalie A. Naylor; Adirondack Museum Marketing Assistant Lori Sullivan; Schoharie County Historical Association Librarian/Archivist Christine M. Palmatier; and writer and editor of An Anthology of American Poetry, Thomas Travisano.

Visit the NYSCA Literary Map of New York State.

Permissions and Copyright

The logo, name, and all graphics on the New York State LitTree and LitMap are the property of the New York State Council on the Arts and Bright Hill Press, Inc. Use, reproduction, copying, or redistribution, without the written permission of the New York State Council on the Arts and Bright Hill Press, Inc. is prohibited.
The publishers are aware that, given the vast number of writers who have lived and worked in New York, the information on the maps is not necessarily exhaustive. We welcome corrections and additions (please send to Bright Hill Press, POB 193, Treadwell, NY 13846; or email to; or call 607-829-5055); corrections will be made to the online version of the map and to future editions of the printed version.

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