“Let’s Dig In!”- Poetry Revisionist Workshop on Zoom

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“Look Who’s Talking!” Taught by Georgia Popoff
Persona poetry provides both writer and reader with new and often surprising perspectives, expanding possibilities in both theme and point of view. We will experiment as we look at the world through different lenses, using characters in settings other than our own to create new poems and move beyond our autobiographical voice. We will identify possible voices to develop, discuss the value of research, and insuring the language of the poem best represents the speaker.
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“Let’s Dig In!” Taught by Poet Laureate Georgia Popoff

In a collaborative, hands-on workshop, participants will work together to discuss edits and opportunities in our work in progress. Following After the Beginning, What’s Next? – the Summer 2022 revision workshop – this session will incorporate the many lenses of examining a poem as members work together in real time to find the way to stronger poems that afford our readers deeper images, inference, and connection. The process will also rely upon an ongoing craft conversation to further our understanding of how a poem comes to be and how it may realize its full potential.

Georgia A. Popoff is a writer, editor, arts-in-education specialist, and Workshops Coordinator for the YMCA of Central NY’s Downtown Writers Center, where she teaches poetry and creative nonfiction. Her fourth collection of poetry, Psychometry, was released in late 2019 by Tiger Bark Press, and was a finalist for Utica College’s Eugene Nassar Poetry Prize and the CNY Book Award for Poetry. Georgia was recently named Poet Laureate of Onondaga County for a 2-year term of service and was appointed editor for the University of Michigan Press book series on contemporary poets, Under Discussion, in 2022.

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