Young Collectors Club led by Bertha Rogers – Out of Area Youth

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Bright Hill offers its first ever “Young Collectors Club” IN-PERSON PROGRAM JULY 12-16, led by master teaching artist Bertha Rogers, founding director of Bright Hill. The program is limited to 16 children and youth in grades one through twelve. The week will begin with an introduction by Katharine Kreisher, art professor at Hartwick College on the importance and impact of the Bright Hill Legacy Program Young Collector’s Club: Viewing art at museums and galleries helps people experience original art and understand the many ways that artists see the world around them. If viewers write about art, their understanding deepens. The Young Collectors Club of Bright Hill provides young people with the opportunity to own original art and perhaps begin a life of collecting. Each student will be provided with a workshop kit consisting of a collection of miniature prints by artists who have shown at Bright Hill’s Word & Image Gallery, along with a large shadowbox frame and adhesive dots, their first “art collection.”


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