Summer 1: The Magic of Catskills Rocks & Mountains

Much of the Catskills geography is mountains. Several types of rock are found, including gneiss, shale, limestone, and quartzite. We'll make rocks and mountains of papier mache, and dioramas; and we'll write poems, stories, and riddles about them.

Summer 2: Octopuses & Squids & Their Friends

We don't live by the sea, but we're learning more about the mysterious octopuses every day. We'll read and write stories and poems and riddles. We'll make ocean dioramas with hiding places for these strange creatures.

Summer 3: Stars & Cloud & Winds

We'll study the different kinds of clouds and measure the wind. We'll make tunnel books and dioramas and paintings. We'll write limericks. We'll make our own constellations and star charts.