Figures for a Family Portrait

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“The noblest aim of FIGURES FOR A FAMILY PORTRAIT may be to gather all the poet’s knowledge, experience, and mystical realization into single, singular expression. Steve Lautermilch’s world is rendered as palimpsest; all moments are superimposed upon one another, even as they are flowing inward and outward at once. His observations are those of the precise visual artist, the patient photographer for whom each and every detail is of eager importance. Meditation is his means of discovery, his language ‘a fountain in spilling water’ that ‘shapes a double, mirror image’ of the All…No more genuine a poetry has ever been written.”—Fred Chappell

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A photographer and poet, for many years Steve Lautermilch has traveled in the far west, exploring the sites and landscapes of the first peoples. Shows have been held at the Duke Medical Clinic Gallery in Durham and the Getchell Library Gallery of the University of Nevada, Reno. Rim (2010), a chapbook, won the Sow’s Ear Press Award and received the Jean Pedrick Award from the New England Poetry Club. New poems have received the Muriel Craft Bailey Award from The Comstock Review, the Daniel Varoujan Prize from the New England Poetry Club, and the Linda Flowers Award from the North Carolina Humanities Council. Recent work appears as covers for and images within Cimarron Review, The Comstock Review, New Letters, and Nimrod International Journal. A recipient of a North Carolina Writer’s Fellowship, Steve lives on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. FIGURES FOR A FAMILY PORTRAIT won Bright Hill Press’s 2016 Poetry Book Award.

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