Adult Programming

Adult Programming

Literary and Art Workshops and Conferences

Bright Hill Literary Center

Adult Writing Workshop Guidelines

Guidelines for each workshop session are as follows:

At the beginning of each session, authors sign in and check if they have a piece to read. Authors should bring enough copies for each group member.

The group draws names to determine the order in which people read. Each author reads his or her piece or provides a copy for the others to read silently.

Group members take a few minutes to make notes and gather their thoughts and then go around the table, each member commenting on the piece. Members may pass if they would rather not speak or have nothing to add.

Authors listen and absorb the feedback without response until each member has spoken, at which time brief comments or questions are welcome.

The number of words read out loud is limited to 500. If authors bring longer pieces, they can request that people take them home for comment, but the group will only discuss 500 words or fewer (if there are 3 or more prose writers, we ask the prose writers to read only 500 words so that there is time to hear the poets).

Taking home work to critique is strictly optional. If members don’t wish to comment and bring that copy to the next meeting, no explanation is necessary.

Sessions are $3 for Bright Hill members (at the Household $25 level) and $6 for non-members. Membership cards will be available at this session.

For more information, and to sign up, call 607-829-5055 or email [email protected]

Workshop Details

Located in the Bright Hill Education Wind & Library

This wonderful building was originally a garage but, in 2005, thanks to a generous grant from the Otis A. Thompson Foundation, the garage was completely renovated for educational uses. Its heating system makes it cozy in the winter, and its insulated, heavy-duty doors provide both warmth in the winter and friendly cross-breezes in the winter. The garage was originally constructed in the 1980s, to compliment the 1865 house and is accessible in all weathers via a breezeway off the front porch. We now have a SMARTBoard Electronic Learning System for use in the workshops and library, thanks to grants from the A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation, the Otis A. Thompson Foundation, the Tianaderrah Foundation, the A. C. Molinari Foundation, and Stewart’s Shops.

The house, which serves as Bright Hill’s main building, and which houses the Word & Image Gallery, BHP’s offices, the Kitchen BookShop and Reception Area, and two guest rooms for visiting writers, has a handicap-accessible ramp. We made the site completely user-friendly by adding a handicap-accessible bathroom in 2008. 

The Library & Internet Center is connected to the main building via the Kitchen Bookshop, and it too has a handicap-accessible ramp from level to level, in the facility. The library is stocked with more than 6,000 literary journals dating to the 1940s, many of them complete sets, a gift from Renee Weiss of the Quarterly Review of Literature; and literary prose, poetry, and criticism, art, children’s books, reference, and nature books. We do not stock popular titles. Most of the books are for use within the library; we hope to have them catalogued within the next few years, and almost all of them will be available in an online archive at that time. In addition, there is a loft with large, comfy pillows for children to read and play quiet games.

Please visit us, take our workshops, read at Word Thursdays, buy our BHP books -- become a part of Bright Hill Press, ``Where Literature Lives!``

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