Ridge Memory 9, 18×53 oil pastel over watercolor, © Elissa Gore 1999

About Bright Hill

We offer literary and art programming for youth and adults.

Programs range from children and adult literary workshops to “Word Thursdays.” featured poet and writer readings with open mic.

We publish poetry, prose, and anthologies

The press has published more than 75 collections of poetry as well as anthologies of poetry, prose, and visual arts.

We partner with national, state and non-for-profit orgs on special projects.

Bright Hill partners with the New York State Council on the Arts, developing and maintaining the NYSCA Literary Map of New York State and the NYSCA Literary Tree

BRIGHT HILL is dedicated to increasing audiences’ appreciation of the writing arts and oral traditions that comprise American literature, and to encouraging and furthering the tradition of poetry and writing in the Catskills and beyond. Writers and artists who participate in Bright Hill Press/Word Thursdays programs are selected for their artistic excellence, their ability and willingness to work within a community setting, and the diversity of their backgrounds, genres, and styles. BHP understands that recognition of the need for a literary community and a commitment to lifelong learning are critical aspects of audience development; our programs for children and adults engender the spirit, craft, and imagination that makes this possible.

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Bertha RogersFounding Director

Bertha Rogers, poet & visual artist & master teaching artist, founded Bright Hill Press with her husband, Ernest M. Fishman, in 1992. Rogers has published more than 600 poems in literary magazines and in several individual collections of poetry, & has shown her visual art in exhibits throughout the USA.

Beatrice GeorgalidisExecutive Director

Beatrice brings 10+ years of grant writing and production experience to BH. She is a writer educated at NYU, a small business owner, and mom to her beloved son Charlie.

Lawrence ShawAdministrative Assistant

Larry is born and raised in Delhi, NY. He brings precision and passion to his work at Bright Hill.

Literary and Art Programming

Special Projects

The NYSCA Literary Map of New York State and the NYSCA Literary Tree

The New York State Literary Web Site & New York State & NY City Online Maps – Brought to you by Bright Hill, in Partnership with the New York State Council on the Arts

The NYSCA Literary Map of New York State and the NYSCA Literary Tree

The NYSCA Literary Map of New York State and the NYSCA Literary Tree were developed by the New York State Council on the Arts, Richard J. Schwartz, Chairman; and Al Berr, Jack Lindahl, and Debby Silverfine, Deputy Directors. Bright Hill Press, in partnership with Kathleen Masterson, Director of the Literature Program at NYSCA, developed the Map and Tree, which were created to offer writers, educators, students, and the general public both a historical perspective and a useful resource about authors and literature in New York State. The NYS LitMap constantly evolves as new information is added. The print version was distributed to organizations, libraries, schools, and colleges by BHP.

1992 to 2017 - Bringing Literary and Art Programming to the Catskills Region
90Books Published
3000Children Served
125Highly innovative literary programs
NYS Littree
300Word Thursdays Readings
2500Poets and Writers Hosted
12000Volume Library
1000Poets, Writers, & Artists Published

The Bright Hill Literary Center

The Bright Hill Center features the Bright Hill Community Library & Internet Wing, the Word & Image Gallery, our renovated education wing (where workshops take place, home to our smart board and art supply storage), our dine-in kitchen book shop, the Bright Hill administrative offices, and guest rooms for visiting writers and artists. Outdoors, the Patterns Literary Garden and the Children’s Secret Garden are features of our peaceful, Catskills nature haven.

Stay tuned for the virtual tour, coming soon.

New Bright Hill Books 2016

Final Fort

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Caroline Morell

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Passing Through Blue Earth

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Cynthia Neely

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The Fates

by Joanne M. Clarkson

Coming in June 2017

Joanne M. Clarkson won Bright Hill’s 2015 poetry book competition, judged by Maine poet Richard Foerster. Her previous collections include “Believing the Body,” published in 2014 by Gribble Press. She was awarded a Grant for Artist Projects from Artist Trust of     Washington to help her complete “The Fates.” Her poem “Klotho the Fibre Goddess Describes Fate” won first place in Northern Colorado Writers Annual Competition in 2015 and “Survivor” was selected by Emrys Journal in 2016 for their Nancy Dew Taylor “excellence in the art of poetry” award. Joanne has loved poetry since she was a child and her work has appeared in over 200 magazines and journals internationally. She has Master’s Degrees in English and Library Science, has taught and worked as a professional librarian.  After caring for her mother through a long illness, she re-careered as a Registered Nurse specializing in Home Health and Hospice care.  In the spring of 2016, she published her first non-fiction book: “There’s Always a Miracle: True Stories of Life Before and After Death,” about her time as a Hospice RN.  Joanne lives in Olympia, Washington, with her husband James.  She serves on the Board of the Olympia Poetry Network.

Book statement:  In The FatesJoanne M. Clarkson contemplates what can and cannot be controlled.  This questioning is prompted by her experience as a Hospice Nurse and from growing up with her grandmother, a psychic.  Who determines when and how we end our lives?  Can anyone know the future?  If known, can the future be changed? She organizes the book around the three Fates from classical mythology: Klotho who spins, Lachesis who measures, and Atropos who snips the thread of life at the end. This legend extends to her grandmother. When she wasn’t reading cards, she worked as a seamstress and milliner, work that gave her creative expression. Characters in Clarkson’s poetry range from Clarkson’s sister, who died from crib death, through portraits of patients to her personal mythology, culminating in the discovery that her maiden name came from an obscure Slovak goddess, her own tangled fate.
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The Bright Hill Kids Workshops are by far my children’s favorite option for summer activities. Two years in a row Bright Hill was the only “camp” my kids wanted to attend. The workshops are the perfect mix of literature, art, friends, and free time. Hands down one of the best gems of Delaware County!

Jennifer Potrzeba - Bright Hill Parent

Our twin boys, who’ve attended the Bright Hill workshops for the past 5 years, simply adore them. Their enjoyment thrills us, but even more importantly, the workshops helped instill a true love of reading, research, the art of the spoken word, poetry, mythology, arts of all types, performance and more. The workshops’ positive and lasting impact is huge for our family, as evidenced by child-hosted poetry slams, written-word gifts for special occasions, and countless child-instigated trips to museums of all types. We’re blessed to have access to an educational resource of this caliber.

Susan Muther and Hazen Reed, Bright Hill Parents

We’ve been sending our first child, then our second, to Bright Hill Press workshops every year since 2006.  We consider BHP to be an affordable unsung gem here in the Catskills, one of those rare gifts of place and experience that simultaneously bring educational value and exuberant joy to children and their families.  I think a quote from my son sums it up: “I wish Bertha and Bright Hill Press was my full time school.”

Anna Sea, Bright Hill Parent

One day, while attending the usual parent’s presentation, I heard another voice come through the words of my daughter’s writing. It was her own creative heart peeping through. What a joy.

Jessica Patterson, Bright Hill Parent

“Bright Hill Press for 25 years, under founding Director Bertha Rogers, has brought to life her vision of a network of writers and a center for teaching the young and sustaining in the community the life of the literary mind.  Reading and attending Word Thursdays and special events, and having my book chosen for Bright Hill Press, have nourished my writing in countless ways for which I am unspeakably grateful.”

Robert Bensen, Ph.D. I Professor of English & Director of Writing

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