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Book Arts 2017: 25th Anniversary Americas Book Arts Exhibit

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Edited by Bertha Rogers

Published 3/15/2018

Literary Nonfiction. Art. Photography. Edited by Bertha Rogers. Catalog of the Ninth Americas Curated Book Arts Exhibit at Bright Hill Literary Center, juried and curated by Alexander Campos and Bertha Rogers. The catalog includes detailed, color photographs of the finest in contemporary book arts and book binding. Individual artist books contain both words and images in a various book formats with clearly-stated concepts, thought-provoking text, engaging visual and exceptional technical presentation, an imaginative approach, and an integrated overall delivery. Includes artist books by Cristina de Almeida, Mary Ashwood, Kristine Bouyoucos, Tara Bryan, Sarah Bryant, Ginger Burrell, Valerie Carrigan, Margot Fagan, Wendy Fernstrum, Cathleen Ficht, Karen Hanmer,   Barbara Henry, Craig Jobson, Emily Martin, Carolyn Shattuck, Richard Reitz Smith, Diane Stemper, Peter & Donna Thomas, Nikki Thompson, Jennifer Vignone, and Susan Viguers.

Figures for a Family Portrait

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“The noblest aim of FIGURES FOR A FAMILY PORTRAIT may be to gather all the poet’s knowledge, experience, and mystical realization into single, singular expression. Steve Lautermilch’s world is rendered as palimpsest; all moments are superimposed upon one another, even as they are flowing inward and outward at once. His observations are those of the precise visual artist, the patient photographer for whom each and every detail is of eager importance. Meditation is his means of discovery, his language ‘a fountain in spilling water’ that ‘shapes a double, mirror image’ of the All…No more genuine a poetry has ever been written.”—Fred Chappell

Reading Sunday

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By Terry Savoie

Published 3/31/2018

Poetry. READING SUNDAY, a selection of poems written between 1980 and 2015 by Terry Savoie, contains material first published in journals such as American Poetry Review, North American Review and The Iowa Review that centers on life in rural Midwest Iowa and Wisconsin.