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Porcupine in Freefall

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Poetry. “There are a lot of young writers with talent but Rainie Oet has a strange and mature vision as well, which dwells in a convergence of clarity and swerve, comedy and disquiet, privacy and sociability, tenderness, and something just a touch hard. PORCUPINE IN FREEFALL is no mere concept album, though it has got a rather original driving concept. Combining the authentic feel of seeming autobiographical narrative with surrealistic, whimsical, sometimes lyric, sometimes anti-lyric adventures, this debut is a curiosity and a delight.”—Daisy Fried

The Threshold of Light

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“If ever a book found words for cosmic energy, it’s THE THRESHOLD OF LIGHT. ‘Light’ becomes the dynamic force here; and in this sallow time in history we need this book more than ever. To live at the highest level of human thought is to refresh language; and Glaser shows that our ordinary daily acts are divine ones. This poetry blesses every day, and us, with its descriptions.”—Grace Cavalieri, The Poet and the Poem from The Library of Congress