Heirloom Bulldog

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Poetry. In HEIRLOOM BULLDOG, animals seize their freedom and defend their homes. Pet-trade escapees thrive. Nile monitor lizards prowl public beaches and Burmese pythons feast on panthers in the Everglades. Runaway factory hogs join wild descendants of Russian boars, pigeons survive run-ins with cabs, and coyotes cruise the suburbs. Muscular, tender, lucidly imagistic, these poems examine the intersection of animals and humans, showing the damage done, and the splendor that remains

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Lynn McGee’s poetry collections are Tracks (Broadstone Books, 2019), Sober Cooking (Spuyten Duyvil Press, 2016), and two award-winning chapbooks: Heirloom Bulldog (Bright Hill Press) and Bonanza (Slapering Hol Press). Lynn McGee and Jose Pelauz co-wrote the children’s book Starting Over in Sunset Park (Tilbury House, 2021). Lynn lives in the Bronx, NYC.

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