In Late Fields

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Steven Ostrowski

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Poetry. “If, as Robert Browning once wrote, ‘God is the perfect poet who in his person acts his own creations,’ then Steve Ostrowski’s poetry is one of those creations made manifest. Imbued with quietude and divinity, sparked by the unremittingly human, these poems take on the difficult, crucial task of making meaning in a world that satirizes and cannibalizes itself, never flinching from the ad absurdum nature of language and contemporary life, while maintaining an intrepid belief in the redemptive power of love. In a climate where too many poems with sparkling surfaces drift like flotsam past awareness, these are poems of substance and intentionality, borne from the idllys of childhood, the charge of being a devoted husband and father, the unasked-for task of carrying on the secret imperatives passed on to us from our ancestors, and Ostrowski manages to explore such fundamental subjects with characteristic wit and panache.'”—Ravi Shankar

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