My Father and Miro and Other Poems

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Claudia T. Reder

Pub Date:1/1/2002
Publisher: Bright Hill Press
Product Number:1892471078
ISBN: 978-1-892-47107-9
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Poetry. “Whether she is likening her father to the surreal paintings of Miro or addressing the folk legends of the phantasmagoric Baba Yaga, Claudia M. Reder brings lyric power, verve, and an elegant ambiguity to the task. Her verbal canvas glows with sensuous details, insights and painterly images that spring from dreamscapes and constellations of magical elements. MY FATHER AND MIRO in its gathering of family spells and mysteries is an outstanding collection that gives us a vision of the world while seeking reconciliation with its unsettled stories”–Colette Inez.

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