The Aerialist

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Victoria Hallerman

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Poetry. “THE AERIALIST is a wise, observant, and deeply reflective body of work. With mature authority and true poetic intelligence, Hallerman presents us with our lives as aerialists: ‘Her life is the wife she can never come down… / if she were to cut the wire (she dreams of this) / the sky would break like a mirror into the sea / and nothing would be whole again…”–Jean Valentine. “As soon as I began reading these poems, I knew I was in the company of a writer I wanted to be with, someone whose personality becomes recognizable on a basic yet open level that is appealing and not in any way exclusive. I was eager to learn what she had to say about the wide variety of things that concern her. This is the unforced voice of a poet who has nothing to prove (and therefore does not need to lecture or presume) and does not restrict herself to one small area in short, a poet who reveals herself without needing to confess. The Aerialist is a superb collection; it’s hard to believe that it is the

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