On the Watershed: The Natural World of New York’s Catskill Mountain Region

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Catskill Student Writers

Pub Date:1/1/2001
Publisher: Bright Hill Press
Product Number:1892471043
ISBN: 978-1-892-47104-8
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Poetry. Prose. Some of their ancestors were native to this “land in the sky.” Some of their ancestors came from the British Isles, Australia, South and Central America, Africa, Asia. Many of their families have lived in the Catskills for generations; some are recently arrived; some are summer and weekend people. Their voices are vibrant, their writing inspiring, demonstrating their love for and knowledge of New York’s mythical mountain region. Their lives are shaped, right now, by this unique and beautiful environment: their familiarity with sky, waters, forests, farmland, wild and domestic animals. Wherever these students go, whatever they become, these rolling Catskills will remain with them; and their word pictures, the images they’ve made, go out, gifts, to the reader.

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