The Hydromantic Histories

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Fox Frazier-Foley

Bright Hill Press
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Poetry. THE HYDROMANTIC HISTORIES is a meditation on both personal and cultural mythology. Humans have been fashioning mythos and spinning creation narratives—of various sorts—for thousands of years. The poems in this book are preoccupied with illuminating by example: What do we gain from our myths? What do they teach us, and what do they cost us? What freedoms, foci, and reprieve do they offer, and how? This book is interested in the alchemy that ultimately facilitates the substance of our known universe: human darkness, in all its shades of cruelty, suffering, and ignorance—and its constantly- shifting dance with the illumination of joy, kindness, and knowledge. THE HYDROMANTIC HISTORIES is an interrogation of how we express and navigate the multiplicity of selves and realities that permeate our individual and collective human experience—and hopes to suggest a continued trajectory towards some sort of higher consciousness.


Fox Frazier-Foley is the author of two prize-winning collections of poetry, Exodus in X Minor (Sundress Publications, 2014) and THE HYDROMANTIC HISTORIES (chosen by Bright Hill Press Poetry Book Awards Judge Chard DeNiord). She is currently editing the Political Punch poetry anthology (Sundress Publications, 2016) and AMONG MARGINS, an anthology of critical writing on aesthetics (Ricochet Editions, 2016). Fox founded and is the Editor-in-Chief of the small, indie-lit micropress Agape, as well as a creator and Managing Editor of the small, university-based press Ricochet Editions, and the Editor-Curator of TheThe Poetry Blog’s Infoxicated Corner. She writes poetry horoscopes for Luna Luna magazine, and her critical reviews and essays have appeared in such places as Denver Quarterly, Tarpaulin Sky, and Open Letters Monthly. Fox graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Binghamton University, received her MFA at Columbia University, and is currently a Provost’s Fellow and PhD candidate at the University of Southern California, where she is completing a dissertation on the confluence of femininity, violence, and spirituality in poetry and in film.