The Singer’s Temple

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Barbara Hurd

Pub Date:9/1/2003
Publisher: Bright Hill Press
Product Number:1892471205
ISBN: 978-1-892-47120-8
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Poetry. Hurd confronts the reader with the fascinating proposition, a medical conjecture, that many of us are actually twins in our single bodies and oblivious of it, and carries us through varied perspectives on this theme of self-acomplishment.

“When we read of collection of poems chockfull of surprising subjects and turns of mind, imagery, and figuration, we think, well, here’s a new poet, and we delight in our find. However, when unpredictibility arrives paired with inevitability, as is true in poem after poem of THE SINGER’S TEMPLE, one of the great paradoxes of art stands before us. When that paradox comes clothed in language both unpretentious and rich, we feel exhiarated, restored, elegantly haunted.”—Gray Jacobik

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